New Solo Exhibit!
I will be debuting new works as part of my Separation Series at:

Robert Jeffrey Salon

5142 N. Clark st.
Chicago, IL 60640


8/16/2013 7-10 PM
Synesthesia: Tim Vitek
Chicago (May 2013)— Morpho Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo show with Chicagobased artist Tim Vitek. From May 4th – June 5th 2013, experience the highlights of Vitek’s deeply immersive style of abstract painting from the past ten years. Join us for an opening reception, Saturday May 4th from 6 – 10 pm.

As the owner of Grid Based Beats, a producer of electronic music and long-time visual artist, Vitek constantly explores the relationship between visual art, sound and sensation. In his studio practice,
Vitek has been consistently drawn to the work of Joseph Albers, a modernist who experimented with color theory. Albers hypothesized that by using color in specific ways, it was possible to allow the
viewer to experience visual sensations that were not materially present in the work. Vitek takes this premise one step further, by presenting large-scale works that investigate the properties of closed
multi-color spectrums, and ultimately, how we experience color as a material.

Vitek maintains a deep interest in the properties of pure hues and color systems. Over time, this interest developed into a revolutionary method by which to measure the effects of color. By adapting
a mathematical system, Vitek is able to create a landscape of color-forms that seem to expand and contract before your eyes. The illusory properties of his pieces encourage a contemplation of what is
materially present and what only appears to be present. Vitek’s work revolves around a central principle: that sound and color share a measurable system, and that this system can be applied

Each of Vitek’s pieces begins from sonic inspiration. As an artist with audio/visual synesthesia, Vitek is able to harmonize his music practice with his art practice in a new and fascinating system. His
most recent sonic works will accompany the exhibition, allowing visitors a chance to experience the sensation of synesthesia for themselves.

Morpho Gallery prides itself on seeking talented artists who are on the cusp of being discovered by the mainstream art community.
We invite local artists to exhibit their work in a creative and non-competitive atmosphere, where artistic experimentation and
development are encouraged. By creating a blank palette insides the gallery, Morpho offers infinite possibilities for an array of
colors, textures and media to come together.

As members of the Bowmanville community and the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, we strive to enliven the area around us
as active participants in community development and growth.
Harper College - Small Works Exhibit
My work has been selected for the 2012 Small Works Exhibit at Harper College.

March 26 - April 19, 2012

The exhibit will be showing from March 26 through April 19, 2012, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The exhibit will be located at the College's Art Exhibition Space (Building C, Room C200).
BLU - Exhibition at Dispatch
Please join me on Saturday, January 28th from 7-10 PM for:

BLU: Winter art event based on the conceptual idea
of blue and/or the formal qualities in art based on blue

Dispatch Gallery

1734 W. Cortland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
Graduate Thesis Show
Please join me on Thursday November 17, 2011 for:

Additive - Subtractive; Sensory interactions developed by a geometric algorithm.

Graduate Thesis show of Tim Vitek.

Governors State University
Visual Arts Gallery
1 University Pkwy
University Park, IL 60484

5:30 - 8:30PM